Kyrgyzstan TV Audience Measurement

Goal of the a project? Measuring the television audience and determine the rating of TV channels

How? Using modern peoplemeter devices

Where? The project is implementing for the first time in Kyrgyzstan (Bishkek, Osh, Djalal-Abad)

about us

In times of rapid change, turbulence and information overflow, the role of reliable data is crucial.

Measure Asia-is a progressive technology-based measuring company. 

We are ready to become your guide to the world of proven data.



Brand expertise

Brand expertise – is used to assess consumers’ perception of brand, brand value in the market and brand potencıal by identifying threats and opportunities for the growth.

Market and retail expertise

Market and retail expertise - is used to assess the market size, market segmentation, price policy and competitive intelligence.


Media measurement – is used to assess who ıs consumıng, what kind of media, which channel-program, at what time and what is the viewing frequency.

Media measurement has significant meaning both for broadcasters and advertising market in order to make data-based decision for ones to show the most popular content and for others to plan, place and evaluate advertising campaigns.


Monitoring and evaluation – is used to assess the performance of projects, institutions and programmes set up by governments, international organisations and NGOs. Its goal is to improve current and future management of outputs, outcomes and impact.


Socio political research – is used to explore and understand social issues, develop a depth and breadth of knowledge on how societies work/feel.


Analytic tools

To analyze the data, we use QGIS (mapping), IBM SPSS Statistics software, which allows to download data and turn it into slender table reports, comprehensible diagrams and graphs, as well as use data for various calculations, statistical analysis and model construction.


In technological century there are an effective methods of collecting data (CAPI, CAWI, CATI). Automation allows to minimize errors.

Peoplemetering (TV Audience Measurement)

Special system that provides an opportunity to recieve daily statistical indicators of TV audience among the studied population.

TV Broadcast monitoring​

The special system that provides the description of all events in the television broadcasting. The description contains timestamps, program titles, genres, content hierarchy and further similar descriptive attributes.


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